Black Crag Walk : Lake District

Well, I had a very interesting trek up Black Crag over the last weekend, and the route that I choose was perfect. It has everything, streams, waterfalls, lakes and amazing scenic view. I would definitely do it again. The walk was easy compared to other fells but if you have a medical or physical condition, take a hiking stick to give you that extra stability. Below is the path that I chose.

Black Crag Walk

I started from the Car Park at Glen Mary Bridge Car Park (Glen Mary Bridge, Coniston LA21 8DP) and using the map above, you will near a stream, a waterfall, come out a Tarn Hoe then it's about a 30 mins walk up to Black Crag. It should take you about 1hr from start to finish to do this walk, and it would be a good walk to do in the summer.

Here is the view from the top of Black Crag,


So after the walk, I deserved a little break and to relax and to take in the views

Black Crag Views

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