Geeky Creator News : 29 Feb 2019

So this week I have been busy learning about Cloud Computing with AWS and Azure and going to the Pilates and Wellness Studio and having a glance at my photographs on the wall. So it has been a mixed bag of things going on.

I do like how this pictures look in the frames and if you are looking for Pilate lessons near the Garstang / Great Eccleston area, then have a look at this website ,

It is now soon March, so I am thinking, should I become a member of Chester Zoo so I can take more photographs!?

I will be starting my wedding season soon so it will be time to start to charge up my camera for all the new friends I will make in 2019. I can't wait.

I have a wedding photography package available :

and also a wedding film package available :

If you or somebody you know are getting married, point them my way.

If the weather improves, I will have to think of something creative to photograph.
I really want to buy a new gadget, what should I get?



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