How To Prepare Your Wedding Planning

How To Prepare Your Wedding Planning – By Kate Appleby (Bridal Expert) From Alterkate


You’re Engaged! Firstly congratulations! If you thought to find “the one” was hard enough, now you’ve got the best day of your life to plan. Daunting hey? Well, it needn’t be with the right help and guidance. By preparing your plan, you’ll save both time and money, so let’s get started.

Firstly you need to understand your ideal day and the reasons behind it. What is it that grabs your attention? Maybe it’s the colours, food or the music or a combination of lots of elements put together. By understanding your expectations and priorities, you’ll be in a much better position to start planning.

We always recommend that you think of wedding planning process as a funnel. Start big and throw all your ideas, dreams, colours and so on into the funnel, and out of that should come a more simple, defined idea.

To help you:

  • Use Pinterest and Instagram to create online mood boards where you can gather all your ideas.
  • Make a physical mood board with all the pictures, flyers and magazine articles that take your fancy- whether it’s a beautiful napkin from your favourite restaurant, or a festival ticket for invite inspiration, be a magpie! For ease, when making your board, you could use a shoe box!
  • Once your idea boards are looking busy, start to create separate boards for separate elements of the day; “tableware,” “flowers” and “entertainment” to name but a few. Again, if boards take up too much space use shoe boxes for each element.
  • Now come the decisions! It can be daunting to start making firm decisions, so why not get your closest friends and family around for a planning session. Go through each category idea board and pick the favourite post. Once you’ve collected your winner from each section, you have your key themes.

By starting big, and finishing small, you’ll ensure you’ve gathered all the perfect elements for your wedding. Of course, you could always save yourself a lot of time and contact a wedding planner! There are more and more affordable planning options out there, and they can help with every element of your day, from the smallest detail to orchestrating the entire celebration, so why not drop us a message!

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How to plan your wedding

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