How to make a wedding speech

How to make a wedding speech

Usually (not at every wedding), there comes a time when the speeches take place and traditionally this is how the speech is laid out.

Father Of The Bride Speech

1.    Introduces himself because some people might not know who he is.

2.    Welcomes everybody and thanks them for coming.

3.    Says something about your daughter.

4.    Says something about your son-in-law.

5.    Words of advice/parting wisdom.

6.    Makes a toast.

The Father of the bride will usually keep the speech clean.

Groom Speech

1.     He thanks the father of the bride for his toast.

2.     He thanks the guests for attending and for their gifts.

3.     He thanks both sets of parents.

4.     Compliments his partner.

5.     He thanks his best man.

6.     He thanks and toasts the bridesmaid(s)

7.     He may also toast the hosts.

Best man       

1.    Says anything he likes and sometimes tries to embarrass the Groom

Making a speech can be very nerve-racking and sometimes a glass of water nearby helps during the process.  Speech doesn’t have to be funny or long, and they can also have slips of paper in front of them to help them remember everything that they have to say.

No matter how good or bad the speeches are, everybody will be impressed with all the speeches, so there is nothing to worry about!

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