Should you ban cameras at your wedding ?


Well, the answer to that is Yes and No.

A wedding day is for you to share an important occasion in your life with your friends and family and you have hired somebody to document that occasion. The person who you hired has probably a lot of experience in photographing weddings and probably different equipment to handle different photographic challenges.

One is the greatest challenges a photographer has is to get into position to find the correct angles to take pleasing photos, but sometimes, guests at a wedding can jump in the way and ruin photos.

Wedding Camera


I am not saying that guests shouldn’t bring cameras to a wedding, but they should be aware that if they take photos during the ceremony, they could ruin a lot of wedding photos.

A lot of the wedding I photograph, some bride and grooms ban photos during the ceremony, and they also have a policy that guests shouldn’t put any photos on social media during the wedding. It is a good idea because guests can enjoy the wedding that you have spent a lot of money on and they can enjoy your wedding without looking at the back of their camera and viewing it on a screen.

When I go to weddings as a guest, I don’t take any photos because I am going as a guest, not as a photographer.

Should you ban guest taking photos at your wedding? No, not really

Would they have a better time if you did and would you get better photos? Yes

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