Should I have a wedding videographer at my wedding?

Should I have a wedding videographer at my wedding? By Gary Cowan: Photographer / Videographer

It’s great when I hear about wedding plans from people who are getting married and what they will be having at their wedding and sometimes a question will come up that someone will ask me

Should I have a wedding videographer at my wedding?

That question is a tough question to answer because it’s all down to the bride and groom’s personality because some people don’t like being filmed, some people don’t like the sound of their voice and some people don’t have the budget for a videographer.

So I will try and help you decide if you should have a videographer at your wedding.

I have a photographer, will that be enough?

The difference between photography and videography at a wedding is like comparing an oven and a microwave, they both do the same thing, but you would use them to get different results. Photographs are significant at a wedding because pictures can capture things the film can’t because a photographer can be agiler between shots and be more creative with what they can achieve. But with film, you get to capture voices from people saying a funny joke, to watching your first dance again in action. They both capture different things, it all depends on what you want to remember from your wedding day.

My friend/uncle/auntie can film the wedding with her/his camcorder

This is true and you’re they might be able to shoot your wedding but what he/she might lack is the knowledge on how to deal with poor light and it might take him/her away from enjoying the day.

Wedding videos are expensive and they are not in my budget

Every wedding that I photograph or film, the general theme from the bride and groom in feedback is that the wedding day went so fast. Even after a while, some of your memories might fade and you might forget some things that happen at your wedding, so with having a wedding video to look at again, you can relive your wedding and remember all the things that made you laugh and all the things that made you happy cry. After you have eaten the wedding cake, returned the hired suits, checked out of your accommodation, how do you want to remember your wedding?

So the choice is yours, are you going to get a wedding videographer, a wedding photographer or someone who could do a bit of both?

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