How to choose a wedding venue.

How to choose a wedding venue.

1.       The first thing you should do is figure out how many people will turn up. It is easier to plan for fewer people turning up than more people. It is because some venues have a minimum guest size for a wedding and fewer people turning up might cost you extra money.

2.       Calculate how much money you are will to spend to hire a venue, and you will also need to be flexible to get the venue you want on that date if you want to keep within your budget. If you spend too much on the venue, it might mean that you will spend less on other important stuff.

3.       If you want to see what the venue is like at different times of the year, have a look online at some wedding photographers photographs who have been to that venue at the same time of the year of your wedding day.

4.       You need to choose a wedding date because that will determine the type of venue you will hire. An expensive venue might become affordable in the off-season.

5.       Venues get booked up pretty fast so ring up the venue before attending to see if your date is available.

6.       Think about the colours you would like to see at your venue.

7.        If you want a rustic look, try getting married at a barn or farm.

8.        If you are going for a fairytale type of wedding, a hotel or ballroom is more suited for that. Some people even get married in a castle or manor for a more traditional wedding.

9.       If you want to spend less on decorations, pick a venue with nice natural backdrops or with a nice interior.

10.    Pick a venue that you both like; it may not even be a building. You could get married in a field, zoo or museum.

11.   If you want your wedding day to last a little bit longer, try a remote location. That way, your friends and family will be with you for a little bit longer.

12.   When you visit the venue, if possible try and go when there is a wedding. That way you will be able to see how the venue would look like on your wedding day.

13.   Try and have a list of venues that you like instead of booking the first one that you like. Take photos of the venue to remind yourself later.

14.   Figure out how much space you will need for the ceremony and reception (if you are getting married at the same place). Will there be enough space for a DJ and a Band?

15.   Go to each venue with an open mind. A venue might look a lot better once you see it in person.

16.   Look online for any referrals that the venue might have. Online searching could help you to choose your venue.

17.   Make sure it has good lighting because it can be hard for the photographer to capture nice photos if it is too dark or too bright.

18.   If your wedding is at multiple places, think about how your guests will get from one destination to the other destination. Would you hire a bus? Is there a hotel nearby?

19.   Try and think what the venue would be like if it rained all day. If it rains, could you still get any nice photos, would you guest still enjoy themselves if they were indoors all day?

20.   Ask if you can hire your own vendors as well. Some venues don’t like this.

21.   If you are going for in-house catering, go to a tasting before your wedding. Also, keep aware of guests who might have any special dietary requirements.

22.   Ask them the venue will be exclusive to them on the wedding day. Some venues have multiple weddings happening at the same time in different rooms.

23.   If you like the venue, leave a deposit. Until then the venue is not booked.

24.   Make sure you know what you are getting and what you are not getting. Some venue charge for extra lighting and power, so make sure you read the small print.

25.   Don’t be pressured to sign a contract. You can leave a small deposit, and that will give you some time to think about your ideal venue.


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